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Gorgo Pallet

is the largest pallet recycler in the Philadelphia / Baltimore region. Gorgo services most of the fortune 500 companies in its service area from retail and foodservice distribution centers to manufacturers, importers and the largest US Ecommerce companies.

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Gorgo maintains a large inventory of all grades for the standard 48×40 stringer pallet as well as a hefty inventory of recycled boards cut to size for your custom pallet needs.

Reconditioned Pallets

The most commonly used pallet in the United States is a 48×40 stringer pallet. Gorgo holds a large inventory of standard 48×40 pallets in all grades – AAA, A, B & C.

Custom Pallets

Gorgo manufactures custom pallets with new or recycled material to fit your packaging needs.

New Pallets

Gorgo manufactures pallets with 100% new lumber.


Broken/Excess Pallet Pickup

Gorgo will drop a trailer at your facility and purchase all of your broken/excess pallets. Gorgo pays top dollar for pallets in our market.

Onsite Sort and Repair

Gorgo will provide employees at your facility to sort and repair pallets back into your system. This saves your company money while providing inventory on the spot.