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Sustainability is now more important than ever before. And with the continuous growth of digital shopping, the way companies’ stock and store inventory has changed. Today, retailers need to have a larger merchandise supply to keep up with consumer demand. Plus, customers want expedited shipping, which means you also need to be efficient in transporting products as well.

The rise in all of this online shopping is having a significant effect on our carbon footprint. However, the good news is that there is a way to minimize your environmental impact just by choosing the right pallets. Incredibly durable, endlessly versatile, and perhaps even the most sustainable, wood is the best pallet material around. Wood pallets are praised for their ability to preserve natural resources without cutting corners on quality or structural integrity.

They’re Better for the Environment

Not only are wood pallets easily recyclable, the production of wood pallets is also environmentally sustainable, too. You can get wood pallets that are responsibly produced, meaning the wood is harvested from sustainable forests where the trees are regularly replanted. Because of such programs the forest coverage in North America is steadily increasing.

Wood plays a critical role in the environment and provides a crucial habitat for wildlife. With that in mind, today’s rigorous forest management programs have led to 1.7 billion trees planted every year in the United States alone.

Another factor that makes wood so immensely sustainable is that nothing goes to waste. When a tree is harvested, the wood is used for a variety of applications:

  • The “high-grade” lumber that comes from near the center of the tree is used in construction, furniture, and flooring.
  • The “industrial-grade” lumber that comes from the strongest core of the tree is used in wood packaging and pallets.

Any remaining wood is chipped or milled to make mulch, wood pellets, or biofuel. That completes the carbon-neutral lifecycle.

They’re Stronger and More Durable

Since pallets are constructed using the strongest part of a tree, it makes it the best material to use in packaging and shipping. And they are easy to repair and recycle.

On average, the cost of wood pallets is also three times cheaper than that of plastic pallets. Plus, other pallets like plastic are not only harder to repair, but they lack the natural friction of a wood pallet. That makes transporting or moving them, such as by forklift, more difficult and more dangerous. Plastic pallets also can’t carry as much weight as wood pallets, which makes wood more efficient for packing and shipping operations.

Make the Switch to Sustainability

At Gorgo Pallet, we are proud to be one of the companies that contribute to the ninety-five percent of wooden pallets that are recycled annually.

We make a big difference with our on-site pallet management. Gorgo Group can drop a trailer at your facility to either refurbish your pallets or use the components to make remanufactured pallets. Our hand sorting process ensures 100% accuracy, and we provide accurate reports to keep your operations lean and efficient. This eco-friendly, convenient service enables companies to consistently have ready-to-ship pallets on hand while also helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Learn more about how Gorgo Pallet can help your business (and our earth) today.