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Your team is laser-focused on success. You work hard day after day, hitting every established benchmark and goal in order to move the company forward.  But when it comes to warehouse safety, are you missing the mark? The National Safety Council reports that an individual is injured on the job every seven seconds. With so much to do and very little time to do it, safety often becomes an afterthought. The good news? With a little foresight and planning, most accidents are preventable. Read on for some of the best practices your company can employ to keep workers safe.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), part of the United States Department of Labor, was established to ensure the safety of workers by enforcing standards through federal and state regulations. Their site should be the first stop on your tour of warehouse safety. Familiarize yourself with the top 10 cited inspection hazards as well as their Worker Safety Series for Warehousing and any laws or guidelines that pertain to your organization.


Often, the easiest procedures to overlook are the fundamentals. Every warehouse should have a safety manual on hand. Even better? Keep multiple manuals available in convenient locations at all times. Manuals should tell employees about every risk they face doing their warehouse job at your company and how to mitigate them. But don’t wait until an accident occurs to grab the manual and read up. By asking employees to review ahead of time, you can be sure they’re prepared. Make safety a priority by setting time aside weekly, monthly and quarterly for updated training. Review risks, any new developments and safety procedures as a team. Dedicating specific time for safety communicates that it’s a priority at your organization – one that needs to be taken seriously. Plus, making it a group effort ensures everyone feels that they are part of the solution.


It’s easy to overlook hazardous conditions when you’re in the same environment on a daily basis. Becoming accustomed to your surroundings is normal, but complacency should send up a red flag. Conduct regular site audits at your warehouse and develop action plans for any items that need correcting. Check all equipment to make sure it’s in proper working order. Tidy up any areas that are less than spot on. Make sure your warehouse is well lit. Use this time as an opportunity to check in on the current state of your workflow and get everything in proper order. Remember, efficiency equals effectiveness, and effectiveness equals success.


During your site audit, don’t overlook the most important part of your warehouse – the workers! Be sure all safety gear is up-to-date and replace any old or worn items. During training sessions, review the proper way to use all safety equipment. Keep a locker area stocked with helmets, gloves, protective eye gear, respirators, safety vests and any other items your employees use on a regular basis to be sure an extra is always available in case something breaks.

The importance of warehouse safety cannot be overstated. Establishing a plan, communicating regularly with your staff and implementing these action items are surefire ways to set your team up for safety success.

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