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As just about every retail or commercial business knows, the e-commerce surge is not slowing down in the least. According to one projection, this escalation will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. The rise of online sales has modern consumers looking to the companies that can deliver their packages in both the quickest and most reliable ways.

One of the biggest shipping challenges today is getting goods to their destination intact. Returns and damaged products (as 20% of e-commerce consumers do) can cost you money in new shipping fees and can also be harmful to your reputation. So, it makes sense to use the highest performing materials available for transit. Fortunately, packaging products have come a long way in the past few years and are helping to ensure safer deliveries from flat screen TV’s to locally harvested fruits and vegetables. And of course, getting your goods to consumers safely and efficiently will ultimately drive repeat business and sales.

So, what are some of the best, cutting-edge shipping supplies out there to help you secure your cargo for transit?

Here are a few:

  • STRETCH FILM is a crucial product. Created with advanced scientific techniques, these stretchable plastic films wrap tightly around pallets – holding them together tightly and securely in transit. Not only does it help keep the products safe during journeys, but the stretch film is also a key deterrent to anyone who might try to tamper with the delivery in transit or in processing.
  • POLY BAGS are also essential. While there are MANY different options for poly bags, that’s not what we’re talking about with the name here! In this case, “poly” is short for “polyethylene.” That’s a type of durable, transparent, flexible plastic that’s ideal for securely shipping a wide selection of products. Poly bags deliver tremendous versatility and security for delivery.
  • VOID FILL is crucial when it comes to shipping. Too much space in-between the shipping materials leaves far too much room for the products to shift in transit – and for critical accidents to occur. That space needs protection with void-filling buffer products. There is  a wide selection of void fill materials available now – everything from bubble wrap to air-based bags – to ensure that your products don’t shift and shatter in transit.
  • FOAM WRAP provides an advanced element of protection for fragile items in danger of breaking during transit. The thin but strong material is flexible and versatile and comes in a variety of sizes to protect a wide range of materials. Foam’s structure is also very helpful when it comes to insulating temperature-sensitive materials.
  • CORNER BOARDS help get an “edge” when it comes to packaging and shipping. Well, actually, they work to help out the edge. These helpful boards protect against the most vulnerable parts of containers – the edges and corners. These areas are usually susceptible to damage when in transit or when going into storage. Along with damage protection, corner boards are easily customizable and help make stacking and storing containers much more accessible within a warehouse.
  • PALLET COVERS are vital to protect valuable content ready to get shipped out or stored. These durable plastic covers provide useful protection against weather, dust, and other exterior forces. They’re also available in clear or colored versions for visibility or security.

Those are only a handful of the flexible options to ensure the safe delivery of commercial packaging. By utilizing these advanced materials, you can ensure that your products will get to where they need to be – in the shape they need to be in.

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