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Photo credit: thethinkingcloset.com

Haul out the holly – the season’s in full swing and by the time you blink it’ll be time for a brand-new year. Resolutions abound, including one of the most popular: getting rid of clutter. Before you make that “out-with-the-old” sweep, check out these creative ways to upcycle any used pallets into projects that you can use around the house or some that even make great decorations and gifts.

Grab your tools and get ready to be a holiday hero.

Décor and more.

You don’t have to pull a full-on Clark Griswold to make sure your house is the most festive on the block. With your used pallets, plus a few items you probably already have on-hand, you can deck out every inch of your home or business. Here are some ways to do-it-up in style – from the front yard to your front door – and more.

Give passersby a pleasant view with these amazing pallet trees.

Enhance your entry and extend guests a warm welcome with this cheerful homemade sled.

Show off your seasonal swag and re-create this festive card holder.

Craft these creative snowflakes and let it snow…no shoveling required.

Handy household helpers.

Sprucing up around the house shouldn’t – and doesn’t have to – break the bank. There are lots of ways to turn used pallets into functional and eye-catching solutions for your home and beyond. Following are a few of our favorite ways to freshen up everyday areas with pallets.

Get extra points for recycling your pallets and your kitchen scraps, too, with this compost bin for your garden.

Keep the garden party going with this easy-to-do pallet plant trellis.

Put your feet up and relax when you’re done building this pallet coffee table.

Make your basement or office more interesting with this DIY pallet wall.

Recycling pallets isn’t just good for the earth, it benefits your bottom line as well. If you’ve tried to make use of the extra pallets piling up from your day-to-day shipping needs but find yourself with an excess on-site, consider Gorgo Group to help you make the most of your pallet investment. From broken and excess pallet pickup to onsite sort-and-repair, we’re ready to help your business succeed with a variety of useful pallet recycling services.

Our ReNature Products division even turns wood waste from the process of repairing and recycling pallets into organic landscape mulch for commercial landscapers and garden centers.

And, as the largest pallet recycler in the Philadelphia/Baltimore region, you can rely on our in-depth knowledge and years of experience when it comes to pallet recycling.

From our business to yours, wishing you the happiest of holidays and a prosperous New Year!