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Due in large part to globalization and technological advancements in supply chain management, there have never been more product choices in the marketplace than there are right now. In addition, consumers expect to receive their goods quickly and in perfect condition whether purchased at a store or plucked directly off their doorstep. That means simply having sought after products is no longer enough to ensure success. Today, they must also arrive quickly, efficiently, and in tip-top shape, or you run the risk of consumers turning elsewhere.

So, you’ve perfected your product, but how about your supply chain? With so much riding on inventory being readily available, business owners can’t afford to overlook the logistics process. Savvy owners know that outsourcing supply chain management to a reliable 3PL provider has many benefits, including access to in-the-know industry experts as well as a larger pool of resources. Understanding all of your 3PL company’s core services can give you an advantage over competitors. Still, there might be even more ways to optimize your supply chain—with a little help from value-added services.

What are value-added services?

Value-added services are services that go above and beyond standard offerings already provided by your 3PL company. These additional solutions can help customize customers’ unique and changing business needs. Though far-ranging in type, they share the same common goals: to improve efficiency, capabilities, and help organizations remain competitive in their market.  It’s important to find out if your provider offers these next-level services because they can make a huge difference in your overall logistics process. A recent research study conducted by Adelante SCM found that of businesses using value-added services, 63% of the cutting-edge companies surveyed characterized it as a “very important” business function. Let’s take a look at some special value-added services and learn more about how they can benefit your organization.

Warehouse Storage

Owning your own warehouse is costly and comes with its own set of maintenance and safety concerns. Contracting a warehouse through your 3PL is a valuable solution, especially for seasonal businesses. Look for your 3PL provider to work with you to determine which specific needs your business requires in terms of storage, shipping, and receiving.

Customized Packaging

Just as important as storage are the various packaging choices. Working with a 3PL to determine the best kind of package for your product is another way to get a jump on the competition. Your 3PL should be well-versed and up to date on the latest trends, equipment, and products to help you determine the best fit for your specific needs.

On-site Pallet Sort & Repair

Pallets do all the heavy lifting when it comes to supporting packaged goods. An on-site pallet sort and repair service brings employees from your 3PL to your facility to sort and repair products back into your system, saving your company time and money while providing on-the-spot inventory.

Pallet Pick up

Broken, old, and unused pallets take up space and cost your company money gathering dust in areas that could be utilized more efficiently. Find out if your 3PL provides a pallet pick up service. They will send a trailer to your business and load up your unwanted pallets, providing you with extra income and space.

Dedicated Shuttling and Spot Services

These services are essential to any effective logistics plan. The ability to consistently manage multiple shipments and product volumes that can meet your needs can be a critical value add to your supply chain strategy. An efficient third-party logistics provider streamlines this process for you and takes the worry out of where and when for your business.

When it comes to giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace, don’t trust just any shipping, receiving, and warehousing company. Look for a reliable partner with experience that can design a custom solution for your company.

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