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About Gorgo

Gorgo Group’s pallet division originated in 1979 when Anthony “Gooch” Gorgo started repairing pallets from glass houses throughout southern NJ. Anthony sold the company to Louis Chini in 1994 who then sold to partners Bryan Kruysman Jr and Nick Biagi in June of 2011. 

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Since then Bryan and Nick grew the pallet division to the largest in the Philadelphia/Baltimore region. In 2012 Bryan and Nick started Gorgo Logistics to manage the trucking for Gorgo Pallet while offering trucking services to Gorgo’s pallet customers. In 2014 while talking with purchasers Bryan and Nick identified an opportunity to begin selling packaging supplies to their pallet customers and Gorgo Packaging was formed. As the pallet division continued to grow so did the wood waste from the process of repairing/recycling pallets. In 2016, reNature Products was formed to produce and sell landscape mulch with Gorgos’ wood waste as well as other organic wood material.