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Terms and Conditions


Terminology varies among the industry for grades of pallets. For instance, AA, AAA, Premium, Perfect and GMA specs are all similar. Further, Gorgo does not differentiate between a “B” and “C” grade pallet. Gorgo considers all pallets with stringer repairs to be “B” grades irrespective of the number of actual repairs to be made to the pallet. Gorgo invoices its customers based upon pallet specifications as opposed to a specific traditional grade that may be commonly referenced by a customer.

Recycled pallets (all grades) have varied board thicknesses. Gorgo will use reasonable commercial efforts to limit significant variances in board thickness but can not guaranty board thickness consistency in all cases.

Gorgo uses reasonable commercial efforts to load pallets on a trailer for delivery to customers. Nonetheless, there may be more or less pallets delivered than provided on the applicable bill of lading. By way of illustration, most outbound loads for 48x40 standard pallets have 520 pallets on a trailer. If, however, one stack contains 19 pallets and the balance contain 20 pallets, then the load would only have 519 pallets. Should there be a shortage, Gorgo will use reasonable commercial efforts to deliver the remaining pallets within one (1) business day of written notification from the customer.

Gorgo uses reasonable commercial efforts to accurately count returned pallets (cores).

Gorgo will only pay for pallets with less than three (3) required repairs in the reasonable commercial discretion of Gorgo. If the customer wishes to retain unusable pallets, it shall be the responsibility of the customer to pick up these pallets at the sole cost and expense of the customer within five (5) business days of the issuance of the applicable purchase order. Gorgo will, upon written notice from the customer, segregate unusable pallets out for a sorting fee in which event the customer shall arrange for the pick up of these unusable pallets within ten (10) business days.

Trash, empty space or low stack heights create less yield in a return core trailer resulting in additional transportation costs for Gorgo. If this reoccurs on multiple occasions, Gorgo will, in its reasonable commercial discretion, reduce the rebate paid per pallet and will provide email or phone notification to the customer.

When the customer requests a pick up and the trailer is not loaded with pallets at the time of pickup, Gorgo will charge the customer additional transportation costs for making an unnecessary run.